Feature of Aitoku Aitoku is dedicated to paulownia chests of drawers
Aitoku has born and grown with paulownia wood

1) Established in 1880 (the 13th year of the Meiji Era)
Old shop
In 2010, it has been 130 years since the establishment of Aitaku Traditional Works Co., Ltd. in 1880. Aitaku has consistently been committed to manufacturing paulownia chest of drawers.
2) We are dedicated to paulownia chests of drawers.
Paulownia Chest of Drawers
Aitaku Traditional Works Co., Ltd. is a specialized company of paulownia chests of drawers.
At Aitaku, we basically handle products related to paulownia wood.
Please consult us about paulownia chests of drawers.
3) We adhere to our traditional manufacturing method.
Manufacturing Scenes
In recent years, there is a trend “as long as paulownia wood is used, the chest can be considered as a paulownia chest of drawers.”
At Aitoku Traditional Works Co., Ltd., we fully recognize advantages of traditional manufacturing method that keeps the features of paulownia wood and adhere to the manufacturing method and technique. And we work toward passing on the method and technique to the next generation.
4) We obtain and process raw “Aizu Kiri” (Aizu paulownia wood). “Aizu Kiri” is a paulownia wood grown and produced in Aizu area of Fukushima Prefecture.
Paulownia Wood
People who plant, grow and lumber paulownia wood.
People who make chests of drawers.
People who use the chests for long periods of time.
Aitoku Traditional Works conducts business in consideration of these people.
Aizu paulownia wood is proud of the most excellent wood quality among various types of paulownia wood.
Aitoku Traditional Works, which obtains raw Aizu paulownia wood, can manufacture high quality paulownia chests of drawers that use only high quality wood materials.
5) We are a specialized manufacturer of paulownia chests of drawers representing Tokyo.
Interview on TV
It is true that the number of specialized companies and craftsmen of traditional paulownia chests of drawers is decreasing.
Even under such circumstances, Aitoku Traditional Works has established the position as a specialized manufacturer of paulownia chests of drawers representing Tokyo.
6) We work in research and development.
Research Graph
With the cooperation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Aitoku Traditional Works has been working in research of paulownia wood and paulownia chests of drawers.
We have achieved positive results of researches on quality of paulownia wood, surface processing, etc. and presented the results at the Japan Wood Research Society.